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 Sampler Basket from Sarnia Farmers Market Vendors.
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Sampler Basket from Sarnia Farmers Market Vendors.
Sampler basket #2 from various vendors at the Sarnia Farmer's Market contains: Kappie's Korner - 250 mL bottle of Burkhart's Pure Maple Syrup; 1.89 L bottle of Wellesley's White Grape Juice; Armitage Orchards - 250 mL homemade MIA's Raspberry Jam; Bayfield Berry Farm - 250 mL Blackberry Pear Jam; Twin Bridge Honey - 500 g creamed Lemon Honey; Fisher's Fungi Farm - 2 gift certificates for 1/2 lb gourmet mushroom; The Big Cheese - $10 gift certificate; Noppen's - $25 gift certificate for eggs, cheese; Alfredo's Pasta Boutique - $25 gift certificate; Weiland Meats -...
Donated by Sarnia Farmers' Market Ltd., Sarnia
Final Bid:$130.00 CDN
High Bidder:26992
Retail Price:$130.00 CDN