Bidding opens November 9th to November 14th
Block 53 - This block is closed
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Your opportunity to get your very own custom design and 3D print. 
Lambton Manufacturing Innovation Centre (LMIC) is the home of Advanced Manufacturing Innovation at Lambton College. The lab houses LMIC’s design and fabrication space for rapid prototyping, integrated systems engineering, and industry-focused research and development activities and contains equipment and more:
• 3D Platform 400 Series Work Bench Large Scale 3D Printer
• EOS Formiga P110 Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printer
• Edge Arm Portable Metrology Equipment
• Laser Line HD Scanner Portable Metrology Equipment
• Vantage Laser Tracker with Track Arm Capabilities Portable Metrology Equipment

This certificate entitles the owner of it to:
• A 3D Print and up to 12 hours of 3D design services which includes laser scanning.
• 3D Print Value = $1,000.00
• Design Value = $500.00

This Certificate will expire December 2022.Block Closed
3D Custom Design and Print from Lambton College LMIC.
Final Bid: $174.00
High Bidder:64009
Retail Price: $1500.00 CDN
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Greenlawn will give you expert advise for Lawn Soil sampling, telling you precisely what you need as nutrients.Block Closed
Lawn soil sampling - what you need to improve your lawn -from Greenlawn Services, Sar.
Final Bid: $4.00
High Bidder:21416
Retail Price: $65.00 CDN
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Certificate for ZOOM Teeth Whitening with take home whitening systemBlock Closed
Zoom Teeth Whitening from Riverview Family Dental.
Final Bid: $92.00
High Bidder:08494
Retail Price: $400.00 CDN
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$50 gift certificateBlock Closed
$50 gift certificate for Giant Tiger.
Final Bid: $50.00
High Bidder:11822
Retail Price: $50.00 CDN
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Original Purple Martin birdhouse, crafted locally.  Ready to be mounted. Extra large (80cmx80cm)Block Closed
Original Purple Martin Birdhouse from Michael John Kooy of RBC Dom. Securities.
Final Bid: $278.00
High Bidder:40607
Retail Price: $200.00 CDN
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$100 Tim Hortons Gift CardBlock Closed
$100 GC from Tim Hortons - Confed. and London Rd. Sarnia.
Final Bid: $100.00
High Bidder:06078
Retail Price: $100.00 CDN
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Tin of popcorn - full!  ready to enjoyBlock Closed
Tin of Popcorn from Kernels Popcorn, Sarnia.
Final Bid: $30.00
High Bidder:20239
Retail Price: $30.00 CDN
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